Common Questions

We focus primarily on property liquidation (personal and real). Although, through our partnerships and affiliations with other professional organizations, we can provide referrals and answers to questions such as: 

What constitutes a probate?


  • Can I expedite the time necessary to settle an estate?

  • As the Executor, what are my rights and responsibilities?

  • What role does the attorney or court system play?

  • What happens if there is no will established?

  • What is the role of the beneficiary? 

Financial Resources 

Unfortunately, in 85% of the cases, monies received in estate settlements and insurance policies are exhausted or relinquished within 12 months of receipt. Monies are often regarded as found money and treated as such. Moreover, those same 85% will retire with no way of maintaining their livelihood and will depend on some of government assistance or diminished pension on which to live in their golden years. Through our affiliations with a variety of financial advisement and insurance companies we can refer you (beneficiary) to the company that best meets your needs or the specific needs of the other beneficiaries. We strive for high moral and business standards and would consider it an honor to help you with your probate needs.

Personal Property Resources 

We are able to organize the personal property as liquid (either through estate sale or direct purchase of certain items of value from the estate) or disposable (removal of unwanted items) these items are either donated to charitable organization or hauled away as undesirable. 

(We feel it to be a conflict of interest to offer to buy personal property from an estate if there is enough property to warrant an Estate Sale, and we would recommend the selling of these assets through such means. Occasionally, circumstance permit OES to make offers for certain items if it is in the best interest of the estate via the Executor/Administrator.)

Real Property Resources

We can provide offers on real property of the estate (house or land) or make arrangements with lending institutions, personal investors who can provide offers on most any property. In the event the Executor, Estate, or Beneficiary wishes to maintain the property, we can provide you with a complete turn-key solution from site clean-up and restoration to new construction through our construction partnerships and affiliations.