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Relocation Management Organizations

We provide expert, focused relocation services that allow OES to handle the more complex pieces of complete relocation. We provide parallel support, so you remain in control while we take care of the details. Our industry-leading reporting and communication software, combined with our scope, scale, and streamlined national pricing, make Coppergate a top choice for OES around the world.


Relocating can be an exciting part of your career. It also might raise many questions and challenges, especially if you're relocating your entire family. We can prepare you for all the situations you're likely to encounter and help you navigate every step of the way. Our team of relocation coordinators and local area experts can answer your every relocation question and identify the best available housing options, as well as match your lifestyle and your needs. Let us find your next home, considering your preferences for:

  • Top-notch school districts

  • Homes near the things that matter most to you (family, friends, recreation options, etc.)

  • Locations convenient to public transportation, dining, shopping, and entertainment

  • Neighborhoods well suited to your lifestyle

Licensed Real Estate Professionals

We regularly partner with licensed agents and brokers across the U.S. and estate agents throughout the UK. In the U.S. market, you can earn a commission while we take care of all the non-real estate related details of a move!

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